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Date Night

I don’t give a shit if I call it a date and not a day 2. I hate saying shit like that. It’s like dungeon and dragons for the PUA crowd. Even using the word PUA sort of makes my skin crawl in a way. 

Anyways I went out with this girl that I met last weekend during a sidewalk festival. She actually just started seeing someone so I was a bit surprised she came out to see me. During our date I told her that I was surprised she came out because she had a bf and she said that it was one little bit that I delivered in our conversation that made her say this guy is cool enough to see even though I have a bf. 

The bit I say is funny and I always say it when a girl has a bf. I’d tell it to you here but I don’t want to. Develop your own shit. 

On to the date.

I don’t really remember anything game notable. There’s nothing I really do but have a fun conversation with the girl. It’s a natural conversation that flows freely with a good bit of teasing in there from me. I do my best to get to know them and be genuinely interested in what they are saying. 

One thing that I do remember:

When we talked about her meeting me today and only how she had an hour because she was going to dinner with her dad. She said if I would have taken her out on Friday she would have had more time but she said I probably had a date. I felt like it a was a shit test but I didn’t have a good response to it. I just looked her in the eyes, took a sip of my drink, and then slowly put it back down. 

As I put my drink back down and looked at her she said, “it’s ok if you do I don’t mind. I’m sure you have plenty of girls. I don’t mind.”

I interpreted this as she found me as a high status male that has his choice of girls. Then again I can be wrong and over thinking this. I’ll know when I contact her for another date. 



Date with Mariachi Girl

Note – She is not in a Mariachi band. When I first met her we talked about Mariachi music since she’s mexican.

I set this date up on Sunday at 1pm at the park. Every Sunday they do this free organ show. We decide to meet up downtown at a coffee shop since her car needs repairs. As I’m driving up to the parking lot near the place I see a girl walk by me that’s super cute. I say to myself… “how awesome would that be if that’s her”.

As I enter the coffee shop there isn’t anybody there but the barista. She’s holding a drink and setting it down on the table. As I order my coffee a girl comes out of the bathroom, it’s the cute girl I saw walking,  and says hi to me. Looks like it’s my date.

First dates are always a little awkward for me. I don’t know if I should hug or not. I’m hit or miss with it, 50/50. This time there was no hug where there should have been one.

I’m not going to write about the whole date but I can’t say it went excellent or if it was horrible.  I don’t think she asked me any personal questions. Most of the conversation with initiated by me. I haven’t gone out with many girls younger then 25 but the ones I have it seems they lack conversational skills. This girl did tell me she was very shy growing up.

I believe I missed some key opportunities to really get to know her. Here’s a few things I could have talked about more

  • her growing up in mexico until 9
  • very shy as a kid
    1.  was she popular
    2. picked on
  • she plays tennis and raquetball
  • traveled all over europe
    1.  differences she’s noticed there
    2. strange custonms
    3. how was she treated
  • wants to be in fashion and design
    1.  what is it about fashion?
    2. how come management?


One thing that irked me was after she came back from the bathroom she was on the phone talking to her friend all the way back to the car which was a good 5-8 minutes. I felt it was disrespectful. While on the phone she did apologize and then when she hung up another apology. I’m not sure if then and there I should have brought up the phone issue.

We get in my car and I drop her off downtown. We hug and she says to text her. I’m going to text her today,(12/15/12) , and see what happens. If she gets on the phone again during our date then it’s deal breaker time.