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I feel like things are starting to come together for me on the closing front. I believe getting the close is simply being able to escalate relentlessly with a lot of persistence. I would have girls back at my house and we would be making out but once I tried to get some clothes off she would stop me. I would say to myself, “ok this chick isn’t ready I’ll stop and try again another day”. I wouldn’t even try again for a kiss. I would just admit defeat in my mind and try again another day.

Owen from RSD would talk about girls being a like knob instead of a switch. To get girls in the mood you simply can’t just expect her to go from 1 to fuck me. It’s a process and simply because I get rebuffed on my first advance doesn’t mean I can’t keep trying.

Now if I’m escalating and trying to take off her pants only to have her move my hand I say, “ok… game on”. I’ll move my hand to her ass, grope that shit for a while, bring my hand right back to removing her pants. If she moves my hand again I’ll simply unbutton my pants and put her hand on my dick so that the next time I try to move her hands she’s too busy stroking my cock.

Whipping out your dick is such a pro motherfucking move. I used to read about these guys just whipping out their dick and all I can think was holy shit that is so ballsy! Now I try to do it whenever possible. Let’s say I’m making out with her and groping around but she’s giving me resistance. I’ll push her away and say “slow down you’re totally trying to take advantage of me! Look at what you’re doing to me” and whip out my dick so she can see it. Then I’ll just grab her hand on put it on my dick and have her start stroking it

Another huge fault of mine was waiting to start this escalation process when she was on my couch. I thought I should let her sit on the couch, get comfortable, we would talk, and there would be this lull where we just looked into each other’s eyes and the sexy time happened. Pure and simple it was me just being too much of a pussy to risk rejection to my advances. I waited on countless dates for this shit to happen. After an hour or two of just sitting there talking I realized that it wouldn’t happen and just went for it. Then when I escalated she would try to stop me, I would realize it’s late, and figure I should try this another time.

This last weekend I followed the game plan of relentless escalation, persistence, and a super sized serving of wash/rinse/repeat to secure the close.

I’m starting to feel like game is essentially these three things.

Entitlement, escalation, and persistence.



Closed the grocery store girl last night. I’m not really sure if I’m using a ton of game on her. It feels like it’s more be a cool guy, don’t be needy, and have things going on in your life. Last night I even felt off and unsocial since I didn’t sleep very well the night before and was just really tired. The conversation wasn’t the best I could have given but I think at this point it’s all comfort. We are just two people getting to know each other and seeing if we can just relax and let each other know what we are all about.

She still says that she can’t figure me out. That when I say things she’s wondering if I’m being calculated and trying to stay 4 steps ahead. I should have asked her to clarify on that.