Street Stops

I haven’t done a lot of these in a while and it really showed today. I’ve been used to talking to stationary girls or girls just ambling along at farmers market. When you’re out in the street it’s pretty much the wild. You need to be on your A-game.  You can’t be meek about the approach. Everything needs to be technically proficient otherwise you just come off like a beggar.

I did 5 approaches today and they all felt off until the 4th one. I wasn’t jumping right in front of them so I left an easy path for them to just walk around me. Also I didn’t realize it that I didn’t have that smirk on my face and was going in with this serious look.



Went downtown today and only managed to get three sets in. It’s either sparse downtown or I’m just weaseling out of approaching some girls. That many approaches just isn’t cutting it if I want to get better since it sometimes takes me up to 3 conversations just to get my mind loose and lubricated enough to have fun conversations.

I have now decided to now just approach the first two girls that I see that look nice and just have a normal conversation without the expectation of it going anywhere. Just to compliment them on what I thought was nice about them and genuinely give value to their day.

Things I did notice on my approach was that I didn’t get in front of the girl. Going form store approaches to street stop will do this to you .

2/13/14 Thursday

Nothing spectacular today. I felt a bit off my game and wasn’t in the super talkative mood.

Black Girl

Immediately opening I went completely blank. Totally off. I didn’t even notice she was in her sport wear and could have teased/assumption off of that. When she saw me falter she threw out that she had a b/f. I didn’t even try to salvage this since I knew it was lost.

Striped Girl


Makeup Girl

Flattered but had a boyfriend.

2/12/14 Wednesday

I only got in two approaches today during my lunch.

Black Girl

First off I didn’t get in front of her. It was more of a side stop. She did stop though. I made a comment about her hair and how it was so bouncy. She said she had to go eat lunch. When girls offer battle like this the majority of the time I’ll just let them go. If they aren’t into me then fuck em. I wonder if this is the wrong mentality though. Am I just letting maybe girls go by me.


Again another side stop. Told her she looked like she had a book on her head as she walked. I was just getting started with vibing when she dropped that she had to go. I had stopped her right in front of her office building so she was probably late for work. I could have tried to keep her there though.

This day I should have stopped all the girls from the front. Totally kill their momentum.


Black nerdy looking girl in Target

When I approached her I made a comment about how she was in her own little world listening to music and asked what she was listening to. She said the Glitch mob which I thought she said Lynch Mob which to me was an old 90’s rap group. I made my standard mid-west look assumption when I could have done something different.


It’s always the sweet innocent ones you need to look out for. Nerd by day… throwing up gang signs at night repping your set.

She tells me her dad is from the midwest and that she’s from LA and goes back and forth from SD to LA. I could have thrown in a few teases here instead of going right into the question of “Is LA hugely different from San Diego?”


Oh… so you probably just bring your laundry up to get it done?

Muling drugs.

Oh… so you just go back and forth? You pretty much just live on the freeway.

I felt like we vibed a but I never moved into investing her. I didn’t get her to open up about herself. She talks about how she travels for work, is an engineer, and into reading books like science fiction, fantasy, no twilight crap.  Once she talks about books I make a tease but I should have gone into what type of books she’s into.

Asian girl outside of Nordstrom Rack (Martina)

Right off the bat my assumption to get the conversation is off. I go into my mid-west speal when she doesn’t even really look like that. She has the typical southern california look to her.

Oh… so you’ve got this typical so cal look to you. Dressed up but still sort of dressed down. I bet you love to wear scarfs in 80 degree heat.

She talks about how she likes ugg boots and only has a couple of scarfs. I could have talked about how she’s probably into fashion.

I go into what she’s doing today and she mentions how she’s shopping. I make a tease about uggs then I literally go blank in the head. She says it’s ok… so I can see she’s somewhat interested. To recover I made a comment about how her nails match her iphone and if she’s has case to match all her different nail colors?

“No I can’t wear a lot of polish for work”

We get into the topic of work, she’ works in a hospital and biolab. She wants to be a doctor.

This is where I make a mistake to try and invest her into the conversation more. I could have asked what type of doctor she wants to be. How she picked that specific field. To become a doctor is super hard you must have a great work ethic and dedication. There are lots of points here where I could have led the conversation where she opened up more about herself.

Right now I need to work on investing the girls more. I feel like I’ve attracted them and got them into the vibing stage. I just need to move them forward now. I need to pay attention to little bits of bait they drop so I can get them to open up about themselves more.


3 approaches today

1-2 girl I didn’t get much farther then the opener. 1st said her bf was waiting in the car but I totally made her day. The 2nd girl her bf was in the aisle over. I actually saw this guy lingering around but I wasn’t sure if they were together or not.

Fitness Girl

I passed her coming out of Trader Joes and as I gave chase the point where I could stop her was pretty narrow. If I would have jumped in front I would have scared her. So from behind a bit I said “excuse me” which got her to turn around and then I went with my opener.

She hooked right away and was into the conversation. I did notice a few lulls where work was being talked about so I teased her a bit and somehow segged into fitness. This is where I found out she was a bikini competitor. From this point on we had a lot to talk about since I’m into crossfit.

We talked for about 5-10 minutes and when I went for the close she brought up the b/f. LAME! I tell her she dropped something out of her bag. As she looks down I say … “you dropped my heart and soul”.

I don’t believe I could have done anything different in any of the sets. I felt like I did everything I could right.


3 Approaches


When I stopped her I came in a bit too close and she kind of walked right past me. I was saying my opener as she was slowly walking by. To get her to stop I said… “hold one this is just going to be a moment”. This got her to stop in her tracks and I walked a few steps closer to her to close the distance.

It was a brief conversation but from the get go. She was also on her way to a meeting which was why she was walking so fast so I made fun of her for that. Didn’t go much past that.

Half Indian

Saw this girl just waiting for a stop light. I walked right up and she opened right away. The beginning interaction was good and I could tell she was hooked. As people were walking by trying to cross she said we should move to the side to get out of their way. Bingo!

What I did notice was this girl is super shy. Very smily and responsive though. I had to carry most of the converasation in the beginning but I could tell she was into it. There was a good vibe going on. I found out what she was up to so I can logistically find out if an instant date was possible. She said she was just going to catch a bus up to hillcrest so I knew I had her.

I asked her to join me for a tea right down the way but she seemed a bit hesitant. In hindsight I should have built up more comfort since she was shy. I could tell she was into me but she was just nervous. After her objection I just should have stayed in and kept talking and finding out more about her but I ejected. Lame on my part.

Asian Girl

Not the greatest stop but I still killed her momentum and got her to stop(side-stop). Took her a few minutes to open up but from the assumption I threw at her and the response she gave me was enough to get a conversation going. We vibed a bit but She was on a time constraint since she had to get back to work. I still went for the number even though I knew it wouldn’t be solid.

She said… “Sorry I’m not really looking to date anyone right now”
Me… “whoa there. slow it down. I never said I wanted to date you. I said this conversation was fun and I wanted to get to know you better. I’ve got no intentions of dating you.”

Got her number and she texted me an hour later saying “Nice meeting you. Hope you had fun “avoiding work”. sorry I scared you”