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Black nerdy looking girl in Target

When I approached her I made a comment about how she was in her own little world listening to music and asked what she was listening to. She said the Glitch mob which I thought she said Lynch Mob which to me was an old 90’s rap group. I made my standard mid-west look assumption when I could have done something different.


It’s always the sweet innocent ones you need to look out for. Nerd by day… throwing up gang signs at night repping your set.

She tells me her dad is from the midwest and that she’s from LA and goes back and forth from SD to LA. I could have thrown in a few teases here instead of going right into the question of “Is LA hugely different from San Diego?”


Oh… so you probably just bring your laundry up to get it done?

Muling drugs.

Oh… so you just go back and forth? You pretty much just live on the freeway.

I felt like we vibed a but I never moved into investing her. I didn’t get her to open up about herself. She talks about how she travels for work, is an engineer, and into reading books like science fiction, fantasy, no twilight crap.  Once she talks about books I make a tease but I should have gone into what type of books she’s into.

Asian girl outside of Nordstrom Rack (Martina)

Right off the bat my assumption to get the conversation is off. I go into my mid-west speal when she doesn’t even really look like that. She has the typical southern california look to her.

Oh… so you’ve got this typical so cal look to you. Dressed up but still sort of dressed down. I bet you love to wear scarfs in 80 degree heat.

She talks about how she likes ugg boots and only has a couple of scarfs. I could have talked about how she’s probably into fashion.

I go into what she’s doing today and she mentions how she’s shopping. I make a tease about uggs then I literally go blank in the head. She says it’s ok… so I can see she’s somewhat interested. To recover I made a comment about how her nails match her iphone and if she’s has case to match all her different nail colors?

“No I can’t wear a lot of polish for work”

We get into the topic of work, she’ works in a hospital and biolab. She wants to be a doctor.

This is where I make a mistake to try and invest her into the conversation more. I could have asked what type of doctor she wants to be. How she picked that specific field. To become a doctor is super hard you must have a great work ethic and dedication. There are lots of points here where I could have led the conversation where she opened up more about herself.

Right now I need to work on investing the girls more. I feel like I’ve attracted them and got them into the vibing stage. I just need to move them forward now. I need to pay attention to little bits of bait they drop so I can get them to open up about themselves more.


I decided to hit up Target today because I haven’t seen many girls out and about on the streets lately. As soon as I walked in a felt a ton of anxiety. It was like I just started doing this again. Essentially nothing has changed but I still feel like this is brand new. I let girls walk by me, I hesitate, and second guess myself. I should have just approached. 30 minutes of this and still I’m feeling intimidated. Sitting on my couch typing this makes me so angry. On the streets it’s no problem but you get me in that enclosed environment and it’s like I’m a noob. Like Tyler says in The Blueprint I should just accept the situation. Ok, I’m nervous. No bigger. Deal with it and approach.

Since I’m so perturbed with this I’m going to add in stores like target and grocery stores as places to approach girls. I’ll be going Weds/Friday for the next two weeks to get this part handled.

I did get an approach in today. I was at the grocery store and see this cute latina. The store isn’t a huge box place like Safeway so I feel like it’s too crowded. I let her do the shopping. I know… I should have just approached. As luck would have it we both walked to our cars at the same time and get my approach in there. It doesn’t go past the introductions but I’m happy that I opened someone at least.

A girl that I instadated last week was supposed to meet me for drinks tonight at 730. She texted me earlier today asking to reschedule because her friend was going to pick her up at 6pm. WTF? Why would she even accept the meetup if she was going to meet up with her friend. she asks to reschedule and I suggest Friday. She said she would get back to me.

I have no idea how to play this. Should I have just said something about her accepting the date but still meeting her friend. I decided to be non-reactive. If she doesn’t want to meet fine. I’ll suggest another time. I don’t feel like she should even rate if I haven’t banged her.

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I went to the Farmers Market today and only managed to get in one approach. This things can be hit or miss but usually I’ll find at least 1 girl there. They also tend to be a lot more receptive since the mood of most people there is to wander and look at everything that is going on. The girl that I approached pretty much hit all the things I’m looking for in a girl. Petite, feminine, long hair, with this wholesome mid-western look.

The Chizzlers ideal girl

The Chizzlers ideal girl

I won’t say she was as hot as the girl above but she sparked a deep attraction in me. I actually let her go by twice so I could get a better approach logistics. Typically I would do the Yad stop but she was just strolling along so I walked up beside her and opened. Fumbled the beginning part of the opener. It actually sounded like this.

Hi I ….(some type of mumbling). Oops… give me a sec and I’ll get that word. I just passed you over there and I couldn’t help but notice something about you. (Pause and look into her eyes). You’re absurdly cute so I wanted to come over and say Hi.

Her – Oh my gosh thank you.

Me – What I noticed is that you have this happy free flowing vibe to you. Like a hippie running through a field of dandelions.

Her – laughs. Hi, I’m hippie girl. What’s your name?( I consider this a hook point if she asks me who I am)

Me – I’m Chizzler

We talk about what shes doing this day and stuff about the farmers market. She mentions how she’s a vegan and we talk about that for a bit. We go over things she likes to do for fun. A few minutes into the pickup she does mention that she has a boyfriend.

Me – Oh… well a man has got to go for what he wants in life.

Her – Yea… I liked how you approached me. It shows a lot of confidence

We do some idle chit chat about vegan recipes and I end the conversation.

In Review:

I don’t believe I could have handled this any differently. If a girl gives a bf objection right from the start I’ll think she doesn’t really have one and plow on. I hardly get those objections anyway. However if the interaction is going well and the girl brings it up in the middle of it I’ll tend to believe her and just end it at that.

Random Reflection

The girls I approach aren’t as random as in the beginning which is definitely increasing my success. I’m going after girls that stir a great amount of attraction in me so that when I approach the interaction is a lot more genuine. Doing this has also made my need to plow through the beginning of the conversation minimal. I can’t remember the last girl where I just rambled on and on until something hooked.

I think this has a lot to do with my outward appearance and vibe. I can’t stress enough how much looks can help in daygame. I’m not talking about good looks but your overall appearance. I’ve polished my style down to a point where I get random compliments from people who walk by me. I love going suited down during the week and running daygame.

I’m also noticing that all my interactions with women are a lot more flirtatious banter. A year ago I would have kept quiet in the interaction but now there’s a lot of fun banter going on. I was just at Macy’s using the price scanner on a sale item and noticed a women behind me.

“Whenever I scan these sale items I feel like it’s a lottery ticket and I’m about to hit the jackpot.”




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12/9/12 Farmers Market

On November 23th I decided to stop masturbating. I don’t know how long I’m going to do this for but for now the goal will be to last until January 2. During the first two weeks I haven’t noticed really anything different. I wasn’t extra horny. Now that I’m past two weeks I’ve noticed I’m waking up with major hard ons. When I see girls that are really hot it really makes my blood boil. I’m starting to feel like a true predator when I see something I like.

Farmers Market Girl

Standard Opener

Me – I couldn’t help but notice that your extremely fit. I’ll take a guess that you probably do CrossFit or Pilates

S – Haha.. I do Crossfit and Yoga.

Me – Cool. I can always spot a CF girl since I’m an instructor. You all have these incredible legs.

S – yea I really like it. I’ve been doing it for 6 months now.

Me – So you’re fully hooked on the kool – aid then. Where are you training at

S – I’m the yoga instructor at CF xyz

Me – Oh cool… you’re totally my nemesis now

Here I could have gone more teasing. “We could either have a knife fight or burpee off?”

We talk a little more about CrossFit but she hasn’t asked me 1 personal question. I don’t know if I’ve hooked or not. I tell her I blank out. I make a joke about how she’s got this determined look. Like she’s got a set path to make for the free taste line.

Her – Well it was nice meeting you what’s your name?

I wonder if this is considered the hook point? What she trying to continue the conversation?

Well we part ways here. I see her around the farmers market and I can’t help but stare at her incredibly taut ass. Her shorts we’re so short I was practically drooling.

I could have asked her more about Yoga and meditation since she mentioned it.

“I have a hard time sitting still sometimes. Did you find it extremely difficult int he beginning to sit still?

Is your mind supposed to wander off or does it just stay focused on being empty?

I still can’t get her ass out of my mind. I could see the bottom of her butt cheeks as she walked. This lack of fapping is really turning up my libido.



Just the day before I finished reading  chapter 1 of Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

“When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity”

Friend – I have to talk to you about something serious

Me – If this is about being your best man then yes I will.

F – No… this is something different. I don’t know how to bring this up but maybe you’re losing out on some girls is because your breath smells bad.

This hits me like some girl just told me I have a small dick. I’m angry and self conscious that he told me this. Who the fuck is he to say this?!?! Then I remember the passage from the book above. People don’t take criticism well and they will usually get defensive about this. I didn’t really have anything to say to retaliate this… I just let it sink in. Those three girls I opened earlier come flooding back into my mind. They hardly spoke to me. Did my dragon breath make them want to run away?

My best friend is being completely and utterly honest with me. He’s not doing it to be spiteful but from a place where he wants me to succeed. It’s just hard to take criticism like this. At least I can do something about it though. I begin to scour the internet for halitosis fixes and causes. After poring through pages and pictures I realize that my poor hygiene  is the culprit. On the back of my mouth I can see where it’s nice and white. This is where bad breath likes to originate. Also lack of flossing and eating tons of meat is a culprit. Both of which I am whole heatedly guilty.

I’m now flossing diligently, brushing my tongue, and rinsing with a hydrogen peroxide solution. Just doing this last night I felt an incredible difference in how my mouth felt. When I woke up in the morning I didn’t have that nasty morning mouth. It was surprisingly fresh compared to normal. An examination of my tongue showed that the cleaning has indeed removed a lot of the white film sitting in the back of my tongue.

I’m glad he told me. Now I wonder how many girls I’ve lost simply because my bad breath was there?!?!?!

On my to my approaches. I did three this day in the mall. None of them really went anywhere. I didn’t get a hook point and felt like I was just shooting questions at them. I think my assumptions were on point. I’ll blame my dragon breath and say the girls were turned off. Let’s call it a wash.

1. Married women

2. Bleached Blonde

3. Older Country club girl.


I texted the park girl and received no response. As the hours went by I started to rationalize why she’s not texting me back. She’s busy… etc. I even went so far to see what time frame it took her to reply back to my previous responses. As I came upon the second day I thought she would still text me back. Now I’m on the third day and a little bummed. It’s fucking with my inner game. I knew it wasn’t something I wanted to pursue but I still went for it.

As I look back upon this date I should have seen all the things I didn’t like. She wasn’t asking me any questions and she answered the phone. I will now start living up to standards that I want to be treated and will treat others. If I’m not having a fun conversation on a date then I’m not interested.

Thursday 12/6/12

1. Girl with dreads

Didn’t get far. Got her stop and said she was cute. She had the whole mid west farm girl vibe. The interaction didn’t go far since she had to go back to work.

I could have gone more into the tease. She churns butter for fun. Drives a buggy.

2. Black Girl

This girl was all punk rock and almost border lined look homeless. I just wanted to get an approach in.

I teased her because she had this tuff girl look. Like she had a switchblade hiding in her purse.  She says she’s visiting from LA. I notice her tattoos and talk about them. Talking about the pain. She has piercings talk about that.  It’s more vibing at this point. I’ve hooked her though because during the whole interaction I just wanted to pull back. Not doing a lot of talking. She felt this and now tried to get my attention. I got comments on my shoes, where I’m from, etc… I just wasn’t interested and politely ejected.


1. work girl

Over just as quickly as it started. She was on her way to meet someone

2. Russian Girl

Good stop. I mentioned I thought she would totally have some type of russian accent. She was from here for 6 years.

Me – I’ve always wondered at what point you can call yourself a native. 5 years? 6? 12? Or never if you weren’t born here.

She says she’s from the bay.

Me “Is hella in your vocabulary yet?”

Her – No I got rid of that right away

Me – I’m going to actualy bring it back. I loved that word

Her – No don’t

Me – why not… it’s no worse then using “the 805”, the 15. You never do that in the bay

Her Yea I guess you’re right.

I ask her about her nationality since I was really interested. She say’s she’s greek/german.

Me – Can you speak either of those languages

Her – no just some spanish

Me – Ahhh.. .so words like burrito carne asada. Stuff like that

Her – laughs

We have some more banter about langauges and I tell her I don’t want to keep her. She says not to worry about it.

Me: Well I would love to invite you out some time.

Her – sorry I have a boyfriend

Me- too bad.

We part ways.

Holla at Holland

As I’m walking my normal route I see a friend of mine sitting down getting his shoes shined. We shoot the shit and walk in the same direction. As we are heading to WFB I see this cute girl enter my path and say I’m going to talk to her. Bam… I’m off.

The opener went well. I tell her what I found cute about her, how she isn’t dressed up in Ugg boots.  She says she’s blushing and I notice an accent. She’s from Holland. I make the generalization that she should be blonde hair and cheese.
“No that’s not us”

I don’t like going into my whole conversation here but it flows really easy. I give a lot of direct eye contact and she gives it right back. This one was definitely a yes girl from the start. I instadate her to the Starbucks and we talk more

  • she visits san diego every year
  • going to hawaii in  a day but is here for 3 weeks
  • loves to skydive
  • has traveled all over Europe

She says she’s leaving for Hawaii the next day for four days. I tell her I would love to take her out while she’s here and she says yes. It would be great to go out with someone from San Diego.

We exchange numbers and I text her a few hours later

Me – It was fun meeting you today

Her – Yes, it was. Are you all done with work?

Me – Yup. So did you go on a rampage at the mall?

Her – Haha yeah I bough some nice things, was a lovely day!

I’ll text her again on Sunday night and maybe a ping on Friday.