Date Night

I don’t give a shit if I call it a date and not a day 2. I hate saying shit like that. It’s like dungeon and dragons for the PUA crowd. Even using the word PUA sort of makes my skin crawl in a way. 

Anyways I went out with this girl that I met last weekend during a sidewalk festival. She actually just started seeing someone so I was a bit surprised she came out to see me. During our date I told her that I was surprised she came out because she had a bf and she said that it was one little bit that I delivered in our conversation that made her say this guy is cool enough to see even though I have a bf. 

The bit I say is funny and I always say it when a girl has a bf. I’d tell it to you here but I don’t want to. Develop your own shit. 

On to the date.

I don’t really remember anything game notable. There’s nothing I really do but have a fun conversation with the girl. It’s a natural conversation that flows freely with a good bit of teasing in there from me. I do my best to get to know them and be genuinely interested in what they are saying. 

One thing that I do remember:

When we talked about her meeting me today and only how she had an hour because she was going to dinner with her dad. She said if I would have taken her out on Friday she would have had more time but she said I probably had a date. I felt like it a was a shit test but I didn’t have a good response to it. I just looked her in the eyes, took a sip of my drink, and then slowly put it back down. 

As I put my drink back down and looked at her she said, “it’s ok if you do I don’t mind. I’m sure you have plenty of girls. I don’t mind.”

I interpreted this as she found me as a high status male that has his choice of girls. Then again I can be wrong and over thinking this. I’ll know when I contact her for another date. 



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