What is your why?

Mike over at Danger and Play has put up a fantastic post that I think everyone who wants to achieve their goals should read.

Why, after two years, am I still out there doing daygame?

I started because of the pain I felt when my fiance broke up with me. I realized that I didn’t have anybody and I thought it would never be possible for me to get a girl like that again. My fiance was an awesome girl but just cute and deep down I wished I could be with a better looking girl.

When I look back at the girls in my life I never made any effort to go after the ones I desired. My strategy, if you can even call it that, was to just be a pussy and let the girl make a move on me. I wasn’t a player in the game I was simply a minor character in my own book waiting for the protagonist to interact with me.

So now I have the events that are driving me to do this I need to ask myself the following:

  • What’s going to get me off my ass and out in the field?
  • What’s going to keep that passion and fire ignited when all I do is get rejections?
  • What will keep me going when it’s just me out there by myself?


I’m mad that for 35 years I lived a passive life like I have! I sat idle and settled for what was average at best. I accepted and led my life in fear of my own absurd creation that was not based on real life actual facts that happened or would ever happen. I’ve let this unfounded fear control my actions and I’m not going to let myself do that anymore.

The life I want to live is within my grasp to achieve. Anything worth having is not easy to attain. There will always be setbacks and soul crushing defeats and I’ve accepted it as part of the process. This is about me developing the heart, determination, and purpose to live a life of my own creation.

My end goal isn’t about getting that one special girl. It’s about my development as a person that can go out there and achieve the dreams I set out to do.



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