Things are going well on the girl front. Got a +1 the other week but I wasn’t super excited about her. At best it was like any other day. I didn’t feel fulfilled nor accomplished. Her attitude was annoying and typical of an American girl. I invited her over to dinner at my house and while I was clearing some dishes she actually got a phone call that she took. I really wanted nothing to do with her except get the fuck.

I’ve gone out a few times with this girl from OKCupid. She’s not bad but she is a bit shy. Also what bothers me is on both occasions we went out she never once tried/pretended to want to pay for anything. Now both dates I picked things that I don’t mind paying for. I do think she’s expecting a free ride from me though. That every time we go out I’m must going to pay and I’m not. Not sure how to handle future interactions with her. Should I just tell her I enjoy going out with you, I don’t expect you to pay for me, but I do expect you to be able to pay your own way?

The girl that I met at the grocery store a few weeks ago is going well. I’ve gone out with her twice now. Probably one of the better looking girls I’ve gone out with in a while but she still has a few issues that I don’t like… Age and kids. Absolutely doesn’t look her age, I thought she was 30.

While trying to get her out on a date I got a huge amount of shit tests. She wanted to know what my intentions were, if I was some creeper, or if I was some huge player. Surprisingly I didn’t know they were shit tests when she asked them but I just casually swatted them all done.

When she asked me what my intentions were, if I’m just looking for sex, do I want a commitment…

“Relax… put away your excel spreadsheet this isn’t an interview. This is supposed to be two people getting to know each other and having fun. ”

Her: Oh my god your right. Am I being totally neurotic!?!?!



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