2/12/14 Wednesday

I only got in two approaches today during my lunch.

Black Girl

First off I didn’t get in front of her. It was more of a side stop. She did stop though. I made a comment about her hair and how it was so bouncy. She said she had to go eat lunch. When girls offer battle like this the majority of the time I’ll just let them go. If they aren’t into me then fuck em. I wonder if this is the wrong mentality though. Am I just letting maybe girls go by me.


Again another side stop. Told her she looked like she had a book on her head as she walked. I was just getting started with vibing when she dropped that she had to go. I had stopped her right in front of her office building so she was probably late for work. I could have tried to keep her there though.

This day I should have stopped all the girls from the front. Totally kill their momentum.


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