Overall I was getting bummed out in the beginning when I went out. I let too many girls pass me by. I’m happy I got these two since it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve done approaches.
Boutique Girl

When I opened her I totally thought she would be European. Turns out she’s a local girl. I made some assumptions on why I thought she was a Euro. She actually works at a boutique closeby. I made some banter about if she would do anything for a sale.
If you saw the fattest foot ever in a shoe would you still tell her she looked good?
I fizzled out though and went blank. I believe this interaction would have gone much better had this not been my first interaction.

Industy Girl
Cute asian walking by my car. I could tell when I first opened her she had this WTF look. I should have made a comment about that. Turns out she was walking off to happy hour. I vibe a little bit on what type of work she does where she can have HH at 3pm. She says she’s in the industry and going to MR A’s. I make a comment about when I look over the edge it making my toes tingle. She says she loves the view. I’m not picking up steam and feel like I’m flailing along so I just eject.

I could have done a few things better.

I work in the industy…
Oh so you’re living the dream. Going to bed late and waking up at 2pm. Drinking kool-aid all day long while you watch maury povich.

About how she liked the view
Oh so you’re one of those. When your friends are by the railing to you like to give em a little shove and scare?


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