This week has been pretty good for my approaches during the day. One notable experience. I saw this girl dressed in a white dress, black sweater, and white scarf. She walked past me on the crosswalk so I quickly turned and jogged after her. I really just said anything that came to my mouth… “Wow… you’re really wearing a lot of white.” Conversation just took off from there. She was just about to walk into a restaurant for a job inquiry. I asked for her number and she asked what I was doing right now. I told her to meet me back at this corner in 10 minutes.

I went up to the ATM  and took out some money and back to the corner to meet the girl. My luck she wasn’t there so I just took off. Walking down the street I see another cute girl which I opened. Everything went really well and I tried to instadate her. She was meeting friends so it didn’t work out. I fucked up and didn’t as for her number. Oh well.

So I walked up to Starbucks to get a drink and sat down on the patio. Lo and behold the white dress girl is walking towards me… “I found you!” she yelled.

This girl turns out to be absolutely everything I dislike in a girl. Highly materialistic with a her shit don’t stink attitude. I have standards so I just let the conversation die at the table and let her. She excuses herself to the bathroom. As soon as she left another girl I opened months ago walks by and sits down beside me. I shoot the shit with her a bit and she takes off.

White dress girl comes back and I excuse myself. I don’t want anything to do with her.

Wednesday I did one approach. She had to go back to work but I probably should have number closed her. Or even tried for a happy hour drink after work.


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