I decided to hit up Target today because I haven’t seen many girls out and about on the streets lately. As soon as I walked in a felt a ton of anxiety. It was like I just started doing this again. Essentially nothing has changed but I still feel like this is brand new. I let girls walk by me, I hesitate, and second guess myself. I should have just approached. 30 minutes of this and still I’m feeling intimidated. Sitting on my couch typing this makes me so angry. On the streets it’s no problem but you get me in that enclosed environment and it’s like I’m a noob. Like Tyler says in The Blueprint I should just accept the situation. Ok, I’m nervous. No bigger. Deal with it and approach.

Since I’m so perturbed with this I’m going to add in stores like target and grocery stores as places to approach girls. I’ll be going Weds/Friday for the next two weeks to get this part handled.

I did get an approach in today. I was at the grocery store and see this cute latina. The store isn’t a huge box place like Safeway so I feel like it’s too crowded. I let her do the shopping. I know… I should have just approached. As luck would have it we both walked to our cars at the same time and get my approach in there. It doesn’t go past the introductions but I’m happy that I opened someone at least.

A girl that I instadated last week was supposed to meet me for drinks tonight at 730. She texted me earlier today asking to reschedule because her friend was going to pick her up at 6pm. WTF? Why would she even accept the meetup if she was going to meet up with her friend. she asks to reschedule and I suggest Friday. She said she would get back to me.

I have no idea how to play this. Should I have just said something about her accepting the date but still meeting her friend. I decided to be non-reactive. If she doesn’t want to meet fine. I’ll suggest another time. I don’t feel like she should even rate if I haven’t banged her.


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