I went to the Farmers Market today and only managed to get in one approach. This things can be hit or miss but usually I’ll find at least 1 girl there. They also tend to be a lot more receptive since the mood of most people there is to wander and look at everything that is going on. The girl that I approached pretty much hit all the things I’m looking for in a girl. Petite, feminine, long hair, with this wholesome mid-western look.

The Chizzlers ideal girl

The Chizzlers ideal girl

I won’t say she was as hot as the girl above but she sparked a deep attraction in me. I actually let her go by twice so I could get a better approach logistics. Typically I would do the Yad stop but she was just strolling along so I walked up beside her and opened. Fumbled the beginning part of the opener. It actually sounded like this.

Hi I ….(some type of mumbling). Oops… give me a sec and I’ll get that word. I just passed you over there and I couldn’t help but notice something about you. (Pause and look into her eyes). You’re absurdly cute so I wanted to come over and say Hi.

Her – Oh my gosh thank you.

Me – What I noticed is that you have this happy free flowing vibe to you. Like a hippie running through a field of dandelions.

Her – laughs. Hi, I’m hippie girl. What’s your name?( I consider this a hook point if she asks me who I am)

Me – I’m Chizzler

We talk about what shes doing this day and stuff about the farmers market. She mentions how she’s a vegan and we talk about that for a bit. We go over things she likes to do for fun. A few minutes into the pickup she does mention that she has a boyfriend.

Me – Oh… well a man has got to go for what he wants in life.

Her – Yea… I liked how you approached me. It shows a lot of confidence

We do some idle chit chat about vegan recipes and I end the conversation.

In Review:

I don’t believe I could have handled this any differently. If a girl gives a bf objection right from the start I’ll think she doesn’t really have one and plow on. I hardly get those objections anyway. However if the interaction is going well and the girl brings it up in the middle of it I’ll tend to believe her and just end it at that.

Random Reflection

The girls I approach aren’t as random as in the beginning which is definitely increasing my success. I’m going after girls that stir a great amount of attraction in me so that when I approach the interaction is a lot more genuine. Doing this has also made my need to plow through the beginning of the conversation minimal. I can’t remember the last girl where I just rambled on and on until something hooked.

I think this has a lot to do with my outward appearance and vibe. I can’t stress enough how much looks can help in daygame. I’m not talking about good looks but your overall appearance. I’ve polished my style down to a point where I get random compliments from people who walk by me. I love going suited down during the week and running daygame.

I’m also noticing that all my interactions with women are a lot more flirtatious banter. A year ago I would have kept quiet in the interaction but now there’s a lot of fun banter going on. I was just at Macy’s using the price scanner on a sale item and noticed a women behind me.

“Whenever I scan these sale items I feel like it’s a lottery ticket and I’m about to hit the jackpot.”





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