My game is starting to feel a lot more solid for the approach and instadate. I’m able to have a fluid conversation without getting inside my head. I still get a huge blank in my mind here and there but it’s not so debilitating that I eject. I’ll just notice something about her and make a comment or assumption on it. I feel like I’m giving value in these interactions rather than seeing a hot girl and hoping she approves of me. I’m comfortable with myself and who I am.

I was only able to get 1 approach in today. Usually I walk around during lunch and then sit at the outdoor patio at Starbucks waiting to get my chizzle on. Today was a little different while I sat at Starbucks because a couple asked to share my table which made me feel a little more self councious. While they sat at least two girls went by that I would have talked to. I felt like they would be judging me if my approach went bad. I wanted to keep my ego intact for them. I should have realized who are these two people to judge me? They don’t even know me. Next time I won’t let what other people may or may not think of me affect how I live my life.

Banana Girl

I never can remember exactly what’s said so I just usually go over details that I can remember.

I left starbucks and head back to the parking lot. On the way there I see this cute Asian girl. I go with my basic approach ( Yad stop, your cute, and then what I noticed about them). She’s wearing a blazer with patch elbows.

I noticed the patched elbows there. It reminds me of old school professors.

Her: Hahaha

You probably smoke out of a pipe as well.

Her – How did you guess?

I make a comment about how I like how she’s dressed and she also tells me I look quite dapper. I was suited down today.

We talk about what brings her out today ( jury duty). I tell since she’s so stylish she probably enjoys doing creative things like photography. She does. I make a mistake here and talk about how SLR cameras have so many buttons and how the manual puts people to sleep. She says she doesn’t read manuals. I tell her she’s like a typical guy. Probably doesn’t even read the ikea manuals even though they are the most cryptic things in the universe. Thinking back I should have gone more into what type of photography she’s into.

I could have gone for the instadate but I had to get back to work. So I just number closed her. Sent a text tonight but so far no response.



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