I started the new year off with a bang. Can’t really go into details in what I did because I was much to hammered. Leading up to that day I had gone almost 45 days without porn or masturbation. I wish I could say more on specific but it’s just to hazy.

I’ve had quite a few dates recently. Baja girl, smartypants, wet_willies, and sdsu

Baja Girl

I met her at the mall. She’s from Rosarito. Went on a date to the park and then off to a bar. No escalation. I tried to get her on a second date to my house for dinner but she she wanted to do it a restaurant. I said no and we should reschedule.


Met her off Ok_cupid. I thought this one went well. We had a good time laughing and what not. I don’t know where I lost it. Took her to a bar after tea. After the date I tried to kiss her but she rejected it. I texted her two days after and got no response.


Saw her walking down the street. Jumped in front and away I went. This hooked fairly fast. I spent less then 5 minutes with her. She mentioned something about happy hour so my text to her brought up how her devious plan to get me thinking of happy hour worked. I invited her out but she said she was broke. She was actually looking for a job while I approached her. I said no worries I’ll get a round or two, just make sure to bring your a-game. No response to that. I finally texted – “Playing hard to get? Nice. It’ll probably work better if you do that after we meet up and not before”.

That got her out. She ended up saying she was running late. When she called up saying she was parking she mentioned “we” will be right there. Bummer… she brought a friend. She said she thought I was with friends. She said something to the bit that her friend was going to go somewhere so I figured it would just be her and I in a bit. That wasn’t the case. The girl kept texting on her phone saying so and so would be meeting up later as well. I should have gotten up then and there. Next time I see a phone come out I’m out. I try to bounce them to another bar and they seem hesitant. I ask for the check and pay for mine. This is when shit gets cold. She absolutely ignores me after I pay for mine and they pay for theirs. It’s like they expected me to pay. Fuck that! I bounce on out.


First approach of the day and it hooks. I insta-date her to the starbucks. She seems very shy and reserved. Doesn’t ask a lot of questions but I purposely go silent to see what happens. She asks questions but not a lot. It feels like I’m still doing about 80% of the work here. Still I’d like to fuck her so I’m going to follow up. Only problem is she doesn’t have a car.



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