I’ve been doing a lot of self reflection. Pretty standard since it’s towards the end of the year. I don’t think when I was 25 I imagined myself turning 36. My life hasn’t really changed much in the direction and purpose I want until this last year. The daygame adventures have really helped me out a lot. It doesn’t feel like it now but when I look back at myself a year ago I’m much better. I did think I would be getting laid like a rock star by now but I’m happy that as long as I’m progressing.

As for my self reflection. I’m thinking about all the things that would make me happy and feel fulfilled.

  1. build up a xs650
  2. restore a classic car
  3. learn a foreign language
  4. get good at programming
  5. build a deck

Most of these things revolve around me building things. All my life I haven’t created much with my hands. When I think back though I find huge enjoyment in it. The first two on my list are my top things I would love to do. The car seems like it would be expensive but I know the motorcycle is doable for me.



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