12/9/12 Farmers Market

On November 23th I decided to stop masturbating. I don’t know how long I’m going to do this for but for now the goal will be to last until January 2. During the first two weeks I haven’t noticed really anything different. I wasn’t extra horny. Now that I’m past two weeks I’ve noticed I’m waking up with major hard ons. When I see girls that are really hot it really makes my blood boil. I’m starting to feel like a true predator when I see something I like.

Farmers Market Girl

Standard Opener

Me – I couldn’t help but notice that your extremely fit. I’ll take a guess that you probably do CrossFit or Pilates

S – Haha.. I do Crossfit and Yoga.

Me – Cool. I can always spot a CF girl since I’m an instructor. You all have these incredible legs.

S – yea I really like it. I’ve been doing it for 6 months now.

Me – So you’re fully hooked on the kool – aid then. Where are you training at

S – I’m the yoga instructor at CF xyz

Me – Oh cool… you’re totally my nemesis now

Here I could have gone more teasing. “We could either have a knife fight or burpee off?”

We talk a little more about CrossFit but she hasn’t asked me 1 personal question. I don’t know if I’ve hooked or not. I tell her I blank out. I make a joke about how she’s got this determined look. Like she’s got a set path to make for the free taste line.

Her – Well it was nice meeting you what’s your name?

I wonder if this is considered the hook point? What she trying to continue the conversation?

Well we part ways here. I see her around the farmers market and I can’t help but stare at her incredibly taut ass. Her shorts we’re so short I was practically drooling.

I could have asked her more about Yoga and meditation since she mentioned it.

“I have a hard time sitting still sometimes. Did you find it extremely difficult int he beginning to sit still?

Is your mind supposed to wander off or does it just stay focused on being empty?

I still can’t get her ass out of my mind. I could see the bottom of her butt cheeks as she walked. This lack of fapping is really turning up my libido.



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