I texted the park girl and received no response. As the hours went by I started to rationalize why she’s not texting me back. She’s busy… etc. I even went so far to see what time frame it took her to reply back to my previous responses. As I came upon the second day I thought she would still text me back. Now I’m on the third day and a little bummed. It’s fucking with my inner game. I knew it wasn’t something I wanted to pursue but I still went for it.

As I look back upon this date I should have seen all the things I didn’t like. She wasn’t asking me any questions and she answered the phone. I will now start living up to standards that I want to be treated and will treat others. If I’m not having a fun conversation on a date then I’m not interested.

Thursday 12/6/12

1. Girl with dreads

Didn’t get far. Got her stop and said she was cute. She had the whole mid west farm girl vibe. The interaction didn’t go far since she had to go back to work.

I could have gone more into the tease. She churns butter for fun. Drives a buggy.

2. Black Girl

This girl was all punk rock and almost border lined look homeless. I just wanted to get an approach in.

I teased her because she had this tuff girl look. Like she had a switchblade hiding in her purse.  She says she’s visiting from LA. I notice her tattoos and talk about them. Talking about the pain. She has piercings talk about that.  It’s more vibing at this point. I’ve hooked her though because during the whole interaction I just wanted to pull back. Not doing a lot of talking. She felt this and now tried to get my attention. I got comments on my shoes, where I’m from, etc… I just wasn’t interested and politely ejected.


1. work girl

Over just as quickly as it started. She was on her way to meet someone

2. Russian Girl

Good stop. I mentioned I thought she would totally have some type of russian accent. She was from here for 6 years.

Me – I’ve always wondered at what point you can call yourself a native. 5 years? 6? 12? Or never if you weren’t born here.

She says she’s from the bay.

Me “Is hella in your vocabulary yet?”

Her – No I got rid of that right away

Me – I’m going to actualy bring it back. I loved that word

Her – No don’t

Me – why not… it’s no worse then using “the 805”, the 15. You never do that in the bay

Her Yea I guess you’re right.

I ask her about her nationality since I was really interested. She say’s she’s greek/german.

Me – Can you speak either of those languages

Her – no just some spanish

Me – Ahhh.. .so words like burrito carne asada. Stuff like that

Her – laughs

We have some more banter about langauges and I tell her I don’t want to keep her. She says not to worry about it.

Me: Well I would love to invite you out some time.

Her – sorry I have a boyfriend

Me- too bad.

We part ways.


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