Holla at Holland

As I’m walking my normal route I see a friend of mine sitting down getting his shoes shined. We shoot the shit and walk in the same direction. As we are heading to WFB I see this cute girl enter my path and say I’m going to talk to her. Bam… I’m off.

The opener went well. I tell her what I found cute about her, how she isn’t dressed up in Ugg boots.  She says she’s blushing and I notice an accent. She’s from Holland. I make the generalization that she should be blonde hair and cheese.
“No that’s not us”

I don’t like going into my whole conversation here but it flows really easy. I give a lot of direct eye contact and she gives it right back. This one was definitely a yes girl from the start. I instadate her to the Starbucks and we talk more

  • she visits san diego every year
  • going to hawaii in  a day but is here for 3 weeks
  • loves to skydive
  • has traveled all over Europe

She says she’s leaving for Hawaii the next day for four days. I tell her I would love to take her out while she’s here and she says yes. It would be great to go out with someone from San Diego.

We exchange numbers and I text her a few hours later

Me – It was fun meeting you today

Her – Yes, it was. Are you all done with work?

Me – Yup. So did you go on a rampage at the mall?

Her – Haha yeah I bough some nice things, was a lovely day!

I’ll text her again on Sunday night and maybe a ping on Friday.


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