I’m having a hard time staying in the interaction. On average I’m probably going about 1-2 minutes right now. Not sure if it’s because I’m only doing 1-3 sets or if I just need work on the ramble. I hope it’s just that I need to warm up more. If that’s the case 3 sets in an hour isn’t going to cut it. I spend about 15 minutes trying to find 1. I did open the first girl I see but it’s possible I let some girls go. I don’t think I should approach them if they are not up to my standards, but if I’m just warming up?

I can approach girls who don’t fit my standard and say they had a fun vibe and I thought I would come by and say hi. Shoot the shit for a bit and then move on.

Things I need to work on:

  1. eye contact
  2. stay in the interaction longer (plough)
  3. open first cute girl I see… open first girl that looks fun to get in state
  4. talk to 4 girls instead of 3

1. Dry cleaning

This one didn’t go far but I felt like there was attraction here. She had just picked up her dry cleaning and was heading back to work.

2. Older girl in Coffee Bean

Just told her she looked nice. Talk about how posh she is. I bet as a girl her parents made her walk with a book on her head.

3. High Heels

This one could have gone good had I the balls to stay in set.


Me – What I noticed was the shoes. You have a very determined walk. Like your really concentrating so you don’t fall over.

Her – haha.. .yea I don’t want to fall in the cracks

Me – I talk about how girls probably graduate generally to higher heels

Her – exactly šŸ˜‰

Me – well I be on my way now

Her – Ok thanks… I’m very flattered that you came by.



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