Today I did a change of pace from the street and went to Target and Nordstroms.  When I first walked up to Target I felt confident but as soon as I stepped inside I got very nervous. I started to shake from what I assume was adrenaline being pumped into me. This was all so new yet exactly the same. I walked around the store for a bit calming myself down. During this time I let two girls go past me that I should have opened.  I took a few deep breaths walked to one side and then began my target acquisition.

1. Sick Girl

I actually followed her around a bit. When I first tried to approach she went to the bottled water and started to grab a package. I felt like it would have been weird to hit her right then so I let some time go by. A few moments pass and I see her and open her. My opener was calm and collect like I’ve always practiced but I was super nervous on the inside. I didn’t know what to say.

Her – “Oh my gosh thank you. I’m actually sick and I’m not feeling too cute”.

In my head I think she’s blowing me off but I think it’s possible that she was stating what came to her mind. She enjoyed the compliment and actually gave me something to work with… which I didn’t.

Me – “OH ok… well I guess I’ll go since I don’t want to catch germs”

Her – I believe she said something along the way of thanks… not sure though

What I should have done

During the time when I noticed her to opening I should have figured out what is attracting me to her. She wasn’t super hot but just had this cute wholesome look to her.

“What I noticed about you is that you have this wholesome mischievous look about you. Like you just ran with scissors”

After the sick comment – “That sucks. Being sick isn’t as much fun as when we we’re kids. Back then it was I’m going to watch cartoons all day and have my mom cater to my needs”

2. Black Girl

Opened well.

You have this cute wholesome look to you. Like you just came from Michigan or something.

Me:  So what kind of trouble are you up to today?

She said she was buying her mom a birthday gift.

Me: “Moms are super hard to shop for since they have everything. I think a card and money is the way I usually go now.”

Her: Yea I don’t know what to get her.

Me: I am totally blanking out right now. I have no idea what to say so I guess I’ll just leave.

What I should have done.

What are you ideas so far to get your mom?

3. Singer

I felt like I had some swagger now. Things we’re getting easier. I felt like a predator. My eye contact was solid during this interaction.

I told her she had a fun sense of style so I wanted to come over and say hi. What kind of trouble are you getting into today?Obviously since we’re in the stocking stuffer section you’ll looking at that.

Her – Smiles… yes

Me: You seem like the type that would have started this way in the beginning of Novemeber.

I should have said why I think that. You have this very upbeat way to you where I figured you get really excited about decorations and what not during christmas. I bet it’s your favorite holiday.

Her – I don’t remember exactly but she mentions that she’s an artist. I think it’s because I mentioned how shes excited for Christmas decorations

Me – Ahh… so what type of artist?

Her – Singer

Me: Oh thats cool. You probably love to sing journey during Karaoke nights.

Her – smiles No

Me: Ahh… something more classical then like Britney Spears.

Her – No. Are you like a talent agent or something?

Me – Nope.

Her – well I’m with someone right now.

Me – Ahhh… ok. We’ll it was nice talking to you.

I think I did this one as best as I could.

Things to work on tomorrow

  1. figure out what I like about her
  2. stay in set longer, when you blank out, maybe just stand there and stare
  3. eye contact
  4. during the stop make sure to get in front
  5. get the first set out of the way, you need to build momentum

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