Successfully opened the first girl I saw!

1. Jury Duty

What I liked about this set was I told her what I noticed about her… her style. Boots, leggings, long sleeve, and a scarf.

Could have teased about the scarf since it was so thin. “What’s with the scarf though? typical so cal thing. It’s almost see through”

I don’t think I got directly in front of her but she did stop. My eye contact was ok but I believe it could have been better. A good tip is to always look directly into the left eye. When I remembered to do this in set I noticed it went better.

There was some banter about jury duty vs work. How they both suck.

Should have teased her about the type of excuse she would come up with why she couldn’t attend.

“You seem like the type that would say your dog ate the summons.”

More statements about her would have probably opened this set up more. I excused myself because I was running out of things to say.

2. Southern Girl

I told her she was cute and expected her to have this Russian accent.  She says she’s from the south and here from work.

“I can tell your working hard. You’ve got a lot of shopping bags there.”

“Hahaha. no I’m on my break. ”

I should have bantered into her southern accent. I’m sure your killing it with that accent. San Diego guys go crazy for that.

Also she was wearing a tank top. “I’m surprised you’re in a tank top. Being from the south I’d imagine this is freezing for you. You should have this fur lined parka on or something.”

I tell her to enjoy her day and I didn’t want to bother her anymore. Her response totally cemented that I coul dhave stuck in .

“No don’t worry about it”. I should have stayed in set. A girl walking around with shopping bags

3. Too busy

She didn’t stop. Total blow out.


Either way I had a good day today. I opened the first girl I saw. I’m telling the girls why I noticed them.  Tomorrow I’m going to hit the Nordstrom Rack and Target.

Things to work on:

  1. open the first girl I see that I like
  2. tell her why I noticed her
  3. make more assumption statements
  4. no ejecting
  5. good eye contact

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