Right off the bat I see two girls approaching me. I do nothing like a little bitch. I walk around some more and I let 1 more pass me by. I feel retarded but it’s been a few days since I did this. No worries.

1. Indian Girl

Standard opener. Talk about her boots remind me of a 80’s tough girl that has a hidden switchblade in there.

hahaha… that’s so random.

I know… it’s just what comes to mind. So what brings you out today?

I’m just walking around from work.

I make comments about her boots and I’m surprised she’s walking around. Don’t girls complaing about not going far because the shoes hurt her feet?

I should have said -Those are cool looking shoes.  When I’m hanging out with my friends when they are all dressed up they always say we can’t walk to far our shoes hurt. So that’s why I’m surprised you walked from colombia street.

So what’s your name?

The third.

I’m Richi… ( or some type of Indian name)

That’s a unique name. I’m going to guess your somewhere from the middle east.

I’m from India.

I was going to say that next.

I’m really blanking at this point so I eject. Looking back this was a good set. She was interested and I had her at the hook point. I should have just started vibing. However I had no idea where to go. I could have made comments on her vibe. She was dressed all in black.  “You have this creative look about you. You seem like the type of person who enjoys photography”

Or I could have come up with some fun facts about India. “So you must dominate in yoga then”

2. Mexican girl.

She stops but seems like she’s in a daze. Not quite cute enough for me but I wanted to get my sets in.

She looks at me funny so I say I find it funny that she’s looking at me so suspiciously. I could have then said so this happens to you all the time?

“You have a different look about you” – I’m getting so tired of this one for brown chicks. She had a unique dress style. I should have said she’s got the typical SD look going on. You’r wearing x, y, and z. You’re a total SD girl.
3. Girl in business attire backpack.

Doesn’t really go anywhere. she’s on her way to work.

4. Hot girl

I run up to her but instantly feel like I hit her up before. I eject and say she looked like my friend rachel.

What I should work on based upon this session

  1. I will open the first girl I see that I think looks good. I don’t need to go anywhere in the conversation. I am just going to say that I thought she looked quite nice today. That’s it. Nothing more.
  2. Make a specific comment about what I noticed about them. “I really like how you’re dressed. It’s not sloppy like the rest of the people here. “
  3. Don’t be scared about talking to the same girl.
  4. Make assumptions about her.

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