I had just come back from my friends b-day celebration and it was 11:45 when I get a call from Bubble Butt. She wants me to meet her  for drinks. I automatically think it’s on even though I know better. The bar she wants to go to has a bartender that she went on a date with.  I still think I can pull it though.
I pick her up and we drive over to the bar. When we get in I try to buy drinks. However the bartender she went out with is at the end of the bar and she suggests we go down there. I should have known from this point on. What’s weird though the whole night he hardly talks to her, it’s just her and I. I know she would be into me if that guy wasn’t around so I try to do my thing.. which is nothing.

There is no escalation on my part. I should have suggested a different bar and then try my thing.  In the cab ride home I suggest going back to my place. No dice. We get to her place and it’s at this moment where I should have kissed her. Pass/fail it wouldn’t have mattered. I just should have balled up and did it.
We text a bit the next day. She asks if we did anything. I take this as meaning as she wouldn’t be opposed to it. I say Nothing happened and I’m surprised I didn’t do anything though.

“hahahah…. amazing” her reply

mine = ‘ There’s always next time 🙂

Now for my overthinking of this I shouldn’t have added that smiley face. It seems beta.


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