3 Approaches

1. Belgium Girl

I go in with the typical I think you look nice wanted to say hi. As soon as she opens her mouth I detect an accent. I guess that she’s german. She’s belgium.

“Is you bag over flowing with chocolate then?”

She doesn’t get this joke or she does and I can’t tell. I’m feeling very anxious here and nothing comes to mind. I should have thrown in a few assumptions and kept going.

Belgium? You’re the willy wonka of chocolate? I imagine that you have chocolate homes and fountains?

I imagine all belgiums to be carrying bags of chocolate and to be consistently eating it all day.
2. Girl who I thought was a foreigner

Turns out she was a san diego born and bred. The minute I opened her she gave me the boyfriend excuse.  I didn’t even acknowledge it.

I expected you to have an accent. You have a very different look about you.

No, I’m from san diego.

It was after that I ejected. I should have gone into more.

Oh? A true native san diegan? I thought those were just a myth.

She was wearing Uggs. I should have guessed that you have the typical SD style going. Ugg boots, short sleeve shirt, and a beanie when it’s 70 degrees out. When it’s 60’s you’re going to put on a denim skirt and tank top probably.

3. High School Girl

This went nowhere. She had braces and looked young.

Things to improve

Direct piercing eye contact on approach. I need to start looking directly into that left eye.

I’m getting in front but still off a bit to the side. I need to get directly in front of them.

More diarrhea of the mouth. I just need to spout shit when she talks.

It’s almost been a year since I’ve been doing this. I believe I have under 500 approaches so far.  I don’t know where I should be right now. I would have imagined I would be having a lot more lays by now but I don’t know.  500 approaches isn’t even that much yet.  It’s barely getting out of the beginner stages.

Looking back I’ve improved. I can approach girls now on my own. I used to walk around for 1-2 hours doing nothing just trying to get my nerve up.  In July I got my first lay. I was doing at least 3 approaches a day. Right now I’m doing 3 every 2-3 days.


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