Lessons Learned

I’ve been spending too much time reading MRA’s and it’s been fucking with my mind. I’m starting to see all women as these bitches that will suck your soul from you.It’s getting to the point where I believe that they have no value at all. The belief that a woman isn’t some godly creature is good but they aren’t some type of succubus. I would say the majority of girls I know and interact with on a constant basis are nowhere close to the bitches that I see portrayed on the internet. Well there are a few but I can see them from a mile away. As of today I’m going to stay away from sites that blog about the evils of women. It’s definitely not healthy.

On to the positives. My approaching is getting a lot better. The gut wrenching fear I experienced months ago is becoming manageable. When I see a girl I find attractive I trot on up and chat her up. I think I’m at about 500 approaches now. I would say I’m at an intermediate level. I can see what I’m doing right and when things are going wrong. My approaches are a lot more solid in regard to my body language, eye contact, and exuding a fun vibe. I’m creating fun little love bubble. When I’m having a conversation I’m not inside my head trying to come up with something witty. I notice conversational hooks that she throws out and just vibe from there.

Today I did 4 approaches. The last one was where I felt like I was on point. It really does take a few warm ups just to get into a chatty mood. Here’s some highlights from the conversation

Her: Take my email
Me: Email? no thanks.
Her: What? you don’t want it.
Me: No, I’d rather talk to you like two normal people
Her: Well I only give out my email.

She then goes on about how she uses it to screen out people and judges on spelling.
I tell her my spelling sucks. I refuse to jump through this hoop.

Me: How’s that working out for you? Are you meeting new people?
Her: No, not really
Me: Well there you go.

We talk a little bit more.

Her: so are you really not going to take my email?
Me: nope
Her: Ok… I’ll give you my number.

I send her a quick text so she has my number and she gives me shit for not having a local area code.

Her: you should change that area code
Me: No. That number is part of my roots.

Overall I think this was a good interaction. I’ll have to send her another text to see how it goes. What I liked about this interaction was I held on to my frame of how I live my life. I thought it was absurd that she only talked through email. Then when she said I should get a new number I just laughed. I presented to her who I was and she could either take or leave it.


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