Yesterday I was very lethargic and didn’t feel like doing anything. My mind kept coming up with rationalizations of why I shouldn’t go out and approach.

“You always go at lunch”

You won’t find anyone new


When I realized that I was making these excuses because I was getting scared to approach I decided that I had to go out there. None of the girls I talked to really opened up which was probably because I just wasn’t enthusiastic about talking to any of them. Yesterday was just to hit my quota.

  1.  I went in all meek and without authority. The girl just blew by me. As I turned my body to face her she kept walking but looking at me. From experience I know these don’t go anywhere. I just wasn’t enough of a force to make her stop. Oh well…
  2. This one was more of the same. She was in a hurry but stopped to hear what I had to say.
  3. Mexican Girl with red hair – Thiis was probably my best of the day which isn’t saying much. She had a complete blank stare like she didn’t know what I was saying. I’m pretty sure she was just in shock a bit. She was out for interviews, dressed in black,  with red hair. I made the assumption that she was probably out looking for something creative. How wrong I was. She was applying at the soup plantation. It was after that I took off.
  4. Simple opener with a girl at the corner about her shirt. I asked what it said.




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