Downtown Lunch and the Swede

Approaches this week: 5
Number closes this week: 1

Total Approaches – 104
Total Number Closes – 5

I’ve got a new system to combat my AA. Every girl who I think is cute and I want to open but don’t I’ll do 25 burpees.
If you’ve never done burpees try doing 100 and then you’ll see why this is a good deterrent from not approaching.

Only notable approach was on a Swedish girl.

Went direct, she smiled and said thanks.
Me: What type of trouble are you getting into?
Her: haha… nothing I’m just coming from an english class

From her accent I start to guess where she’s from.
Her: From sweden.
Me: That’s awesome but you don’t look swedish. I imagine swedes all dressed up in parkas lined with leather and huge ugg boots.
I really like your style, I bet you do something creative. You’re probably in fashion?
Her: haha… no I wish, I’m in Law.
Me: ahhh… you’re one of those.  (I think I said that. I’m not sure)

We banter more and her friend comes up.

Me: well I’ll let you go.
Her: what do you do? do you work around here?

I knew I hooked when I gave her the out and she came back with more questions.

Me: You seem like a cool girl I’d love to take you out to coffee.
Number close.

Later that day I text her the following:
“So is this xxx? The sassy swedish eskimo that owes ThugMuffin a coffe? Black. No sugar.”

A day later she responds.I’ve texted her back but haven’t got a response yet. I’m just excited I’m progressing forward.


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