Lunchtime at Starbucks

Approaches: 3

Total Approaches : 97

Just 3 short of my goal for this month. I would have been 2 but on my way out I let this very nice elegant woman pass me up. I think had I done a few more sets before she walked by it would have been game on. Getting into the initial approaching wasn’t hard after the first one. I just said fuck it. Hopefully this means my AA is getting suppressed or I’m refocusing it in a different way. I do get nervous on hot older girls. I rationalize that they are too old for me but I need to realize it will be good practice.

#1 Juror

Guess your on jury duty. Are you hoping you won’t get picked?

Her: Actually I am, seems interesting.

Me: My friend actually just throws away the summons. He lives on the edge

**: What kind of trial would you really want to be on?

We talk for a minute more but I don’t remember what was said.

Her: well I got to get back to the court. Do you work around here?

Me: No I’m just wandering out for lunch

#2 Model

She was dressed very indie/hipster but with a touch more style. I should have opened on that.


Me:What kind of trouble are you getting into today?

Her: Just shopping you?

Me: I finally had to go back into the office after a few months and I’m going insane. Everyone just looks so depressed to be there. I figure I would get out of there and waste some time and get a coffee

Her: Nice to be you:

Me: I really like your style. Let me guess you’re either a hair dress or a teacher

Her: haha.. no

Me: You obviously don’t work in a corproate type environment. You dress way to relaxed and expressive.

Her: I’m a model

Me: oh that’s cool

** Oh…that sounds horrible. I can’t believe you have to go to all these places.People always yelling at you to give more blue steel

** Let me see your blue steel pose!

Talk about more where she’s been and her favorite spots. Says all over. Doesn’t really give a lot of info

Her: Well I gotta go.

# Brazilian Tourist

We talk about where she’s been but the convo doesn’t go past a minute or so.


The last two girls had huge sunglasses on. I could have teased them on it. “Those sunglasses are huge. Did you have to work out your neck before you can wear those?”


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