The Mall

Approaches 9
Total Approaches for January – 93

My goal is to get 100 for Jan.


Hit up the mall with my wing Runner87. I was able to record almost all of my conversations using my iphone. I would put them up but unfortunately it’s a lot more difficult then I thought to transfer the files.

Some highlights and what I could have done better

Her: I’m from Iran
Me: So when did you move here?
Her: I moved here when I was 4

What I should have done (WISHD)
1. Oh nice… Iran. You’re rich. I really need a girl who can not only bring home the bacon but cook it up as well (thx David D)

Her: I speak spanish
Me: I know spanish as well. Burrito, taco, carne asada
Her: hahaha

WISHD: I blanked out at about the 1 minute mark. I know I shouldn’t use the word hot but this girl was smoking. Every time I looked at her I felt like I was getting a hard on. HOLY SHIT WAS SHE HOT!

I should have said something like this: So what do you do for fun when you’re not crusing the mall talking to cute guys?

By far the best set of the day. I had about 15+ minutes of interaction with her.
Only downside was she’s from China visiting and was leaving tomorrow. I did some teasing but I felt like my interaction with her could have been better. She mentioned that she travels a lot of work. I should have gotten more in depth there.

Me: France? Did you ride red scooters, drink wine and smoke cigarettes to all hours of the night? What we’re some of your favorite things to do while you we’re there?

Recording my sets is proving to be a huge bonus. I’m able to relive what was going on and thing of new things to say. If you guys have an iphone I suggest recording your sets. I keep my phone in my front pocket and it picked up the sound really well.


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