I’ve been running into issues opening solo so today my main objective was to head out at lunch and open a set.

#1 The approach and stop went well. As soon as I opened my mouth though I was slurring like I was hammered. She couldn’t understand what I was saying and I didn’t really pause that much. My brain and my mouth just aren’t up to speed to be quick witted in the beginning so I think a default easy opener is the way to go.

The first few sets of the day I should just make as easy as possible on me and go with the standard “Hi… I just have to say something and I know this is going to be totally random… I was just over there… when I saw you walking by… and I knew I had to come over here and say Hi… because… You… are… insanely… cute.”


What I learned today:

  1. Pauses are crucial in the opener. It gives the girl time to catch up to what’s happening and processing what you’re saying.
  2. Initial sets of the day are complete throw a ways. I’m only going to expect them to just help me get into state and go absolutely nowhere.

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