From Muffin to Thug

After reading all the other journals and how much they have inspired me I figured I would document my journey as well.

I’m 35 and Dec 15, 2010 I took a bootcamp with Krauser and Burto from when they came across the pond and visited San Diego.

Currently I’m at about 60 approaches with only about 10 of those being solo. The difference of having a wing or some type of support person with you makes it so much easier on you. I doubt I could have hit the last 30 without meeting up and winging with Runner87 from this group. Just having him there is has a tremendous impact on alleviateing any sort of AA. So Runner87, I’m glad you let me wing with you. We’re going to be destroying SD by this summer.

Right now I’m focusing on the approach and first couple of minutes into the conversation.
My typical interactions go like this:

1. Opener: which range from saying they are cute, interesting, fun energetic walk, style
I try to incorporate a tease but I don’t always come up with one.

I really like how Myzta opens with they’re cute but don’t think I’m going to put out. I haven’t used it yet though but it matches my personality and how I interact.

My whole frame going into sets is that I’m going to be adding value to their humdrum day by giving them a fun playful experience with a real man who’s got a set of balls, witty banter, and devestatingly good looks

2. I guess what they’re up to. If they are dressed up really nice I say how they’re going on a safari. If they are dressed down about how they need to find the perfect thing for the ball they’re going to tonight.

“I’m going to guess your here shopping because you’re going to XYZ destination and you need to find the perfect XYZ.”

Now that I’m writing this I’m going to add a tease /cold read in why they are shopping for X object.

3. Tell them what I’m doing today at the mall. Right now I’m talking about how I’m shopping for my little 3.5 year old niece for her b-day, which is a total lie (I have a niece but it’s not her b-day). I go into how she’s super into the Cars movie and all she ever talks about is Cars this and cars that and she wants a remote controlled car and a workbench.

I’m thinking it’s at this stage where I can just plough a few minutes and ramble about my niece and how she’s a super adorable little troll.


Me: I’m out shopping for my niece. She’s this adorable little troll that melts my heart. Whenever we play hide and seek she loves to tell me where she’s going to hide and then when it’s my turn to hide she tells me all the good spots. Usually I’ll look in spots right next to her and say “Where’d she go?!?!?!” All the while she’s giggling uncontrollably. However sometimes I need to show her that the world isn’t always rainbows, gumdrops and lollipops and that her uncle can dominate at hide and seek.

I don’t really see her a lot so I need to make sure I maintain my dominance as favorite uncle so I need to buy her the perfect gift. For Christmas I almost got outdone by a light up yo-yo. I’m thinking I’ve got to go huge now. I may just pull my Ace card and buy her a pony.

4. You do/or don’t look like the typical San Diego girl and make comments how they’re dressed up/down. Talk about how girls wear sweats and they look like they gave up on the world ala Seinfeld. Sometimes I’ll high 5 them for being stylish. I don’t always remember this but I try to pick out an object of their clothing and say it’s really interesting and I like how it fits with her vibe.

I’m thinking about adding in a bit from clueless.
Girls just think they can put on their pajamas that say Juicy on them, Ugg Boots, and some mascara and think all the boys will just swoon for them. (All this done in a typical valley girl voice)

5. I usually run out of topics to talk about and eject.

I just read Jon117’s topic Having Trouble Continuing the conversation… I’m going to start to bring up topics that interest me and ways to qualify the girl.

I think I’ll add this in for step 6

“SO besides cruising the streets for hot guys, what do you usually do for fun?”

Stats so Far
Goal for January – 100 approaches and get the opener down
62 Approaches
3 Numbers (no response from any of them)

Per Roissy’s advice I no longer think of girls in terms of how hot they are. I just say she looks really interesting.


Goal – 10 sets
Total Sets – 12

I didn’t really deviate that much from my script above. Sometimes I cut it short other times I went through the whole thing. It takes me about 3-5 sets to really get into state. I need to remember that the first couple are junk and just for me to get into state. Once I hit 4-5 I’m good to approach and much looser. The more interesting the girl the more I like to approach which is probably because of the little rush I get from it. Out of my 12 I would say there we’re only 2-3 which really peaked my interest.

Things to Work On:

1. Vibing and continuing the conversation.


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