12/21 1-230pm

Sets Today: 4

Total Sets: 27

1st – Cute, uggs, sweatshirt and pants.

Said she was cute and had to meet her. I didn’t get right in front of her and was more to the side which gave her a way out to continue walking.

I was very low energy. She gave me “I have a boyfriend”. I don’t feel like I really manned up on this one. It was my first

2nd Don’t remember her looks

Used standard. I needed to plough on ahead. She said she was going to the store. Could have guessed what she was going to eat. Her job


Standard, gray boots, funky dress. I opened her to the side. She said thanks and kept walking.


I got up in front of her. She gave me a wide eyed look. I think I need to give a little more room as I jump ahead. Told her about cool energy she said thanks. It’s probably because she’s going toback to work. I could have said I would have a lazy walk then since I really didn’t want to go back. Or I could have guessed her job.





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