I went into this knowing that she wasn’t going to do it for me. All I really wanted to do was be able to practice my conversation skills.

She was really shy in the beginning and didn’t really open up until the end. The conversation wasn’t the best and it seemed really forced for me. I should try to ask her about who she is as a person. Why she likes to do things and how it makes her feel. She really liked activities that involved groups so that meant she was lonely especially since she grew up as an only child. She didn’t feel secure with her job and didn’t connect with people here in SD. I could have asked her about the people she connects with and why. How do you know when you’re connecting with somebody?

My conversation skills feel very surface level still. I’d like to be able to get a little deeper into it.Ask about her favorite memories growing up as a child. Hold eye contact a little bit longer. EYEFUCKING!

I did feel more laid back. Relaxed. I was judging her and not trying to sell myself. I was trying to have a good time out of the situation that wasn’t the most ideal.




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