Approach Count: 23

1st Girl

Standard opener

Hi, I was just over then when I saw you walk past. I knew I had to come over here and say Hi because you have this great lively walk. It’s like as your walking your thinking of Unicorns and double rainbows.

I ask her what brings her out today. Tell her about my niece and how she wants a dinosaur. I stay on the shopping part for a bit.

2nd (Dyed blonde hair)

Standard opener with a tease about if she changes her hair color with her moods.

She continues walking on.


Same opener as the 1st.

Conversation went more of the same. More talk about shopping.

Things I could have done better

I need to slow down my energy. Nice and relaxed and not so smiley. Lean back or cross my arms.

Make statements about her.  Ask her about an interesting object she has and what that story is.

I need to keep ploughing. She can tell I’m winding down and have nothing to say.

It’s x-mas time so they are all shopping. I should go off on shopping things. How I’ve procrastinated until that last minute and now I don’t know what to do. Maybe I should just get them all gift cards or go out to dinner.


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