I feel like things are starting to come together for me on the closing front. I believe getting the close is simply being able to escalate relentlessly with a lot of persistence. I would have girls back at my house and we would be making out but once I tried to get some clothes off she would stop me. I would say to myself, “ok this chick isn’t ready I’ll stop and try again another day”. I wouldn’t even try again for a kiss. I would just admit defeat in my mind and try again another day.

Owen from RSD would talk about girls being a like knob instead of a switch. To get girls in the mood you simply can’t just expect her to go from 1 to fuck me. It’s a process and simply because I get rebuffed on my first advance doesn’t mean I can’t keep trying.

Now if I’m escalating and trying to take off her pants only to have her move my hand I say, “ok… game on”. I’ll move my hand to her ass, grope that shit for a while, bring my hand right back to removing her pants. If she moves my hand again I’ll simply unbutton my pants and put her hand on my dick so that the next time I try to move her hands she’s too busy stroking my cock.

Whipping out your dick is such a pro motherfucking move. I used to read about these guys just whipping out their dick and all I can think was holy shit that is so ballsy! Now I try to do it whenever possible. Let’s say I’m making out with her and groping around but she’s giving me resistance. I’ll push her away and say “slow down you’re totally trying to take advantage of me! Look at what you’re doing to me” and whip out my dick so she can see it. Then I’ll just grab her hand on put it on my dick and have her start stroking it

Another huge fault of mine was waiting to start this escalation process when she was on my couch. I thought I should let her sit on the couch, get comfortable, we would talk, and there would be this lull where we just looked into each other’s eyes and the sexy time happened. Pure and simple it was me just being too much of a pussy to risk rejection to my advances. I waited on countless dates for this shit to happen. After an hour or two of just sitting there talking I realized that it wouldn’t happen and just went for it. Then when I escalated she would try to stop me, I would realize it’s late, and figure I should try this another time.

This last weekend I followed the game plan of relentless escalation, persistence, and a super sized serving of wash/rinse/repeat to secure the close.

I’m starting to feel like game is essentially these three things.

Entitlement, escalation, and persistence.


Date Night

I don’t give a shit if I call it a date and not a day 2. I hate saying shit like that. It’s like dungeon and dragons for the PUA crowd. Even using the word PUA sort of makes my skin crawl in a way. 

Anyways I went out with this girl that I met last weekend during a sidewalk festival. She actually just started seeing someone so I was a bit surprised she came out to see me. During our date I told her that I was surprised she came out because she had a bf and she said that it was one little bit that I delivered in our conversation that made her say this guy is cool enough to see even though I have a bf. 

The bit I say is funny and I always say it when a girl has a bf. I’d tell it to you here but I don’t want to. Develop your own shit. 

On to the date.

I don’t really remember anything game notable. There’s nothing I really do but have a fun conversation with the girl. It’s a natural conversation that flows freely with a good bit of teasing in there from me. I do my best to get to know them and be genuinely interested in what they are saying. 

One thing that I do remember:

When we talked about her meeting me today and only how she had an hour because she was going to dinner with her dad. She said if I would have taken her out on Friday she would have had more time but she said I probably had a date. I felt like it a was a shit test but I didn’t have a good response to it. I just looked her in the eyes, took a sip of my drink, and then slowly put it back down. 

As I put my drink back down and looked at her she said, “it’s ok if you do I don’t mind. I’m sure you have plenty of girls. I don’t mind.”

I interpreted this as she found me as a high status male that has his choice of girls. Then again I can be wrong and over thinking this. I’ll know when I contact her for another date. 


What is your why?

Mike over at Danger and Play has put up a fantastic post that I think everyone who wants to achieve their goals should read.

Why, after two years, am I still out there doing daygame?

I started because of the pain I felt when my fiance broke up with me. I realized that I didn’t have anybody and I thought it would never be possible for me to get a girl like that again. My fiance was an awesome girl but just cute and deep down I wished I could be with a better looking girl.

When I look back at the girls in my life I never made any effort to go after the ones I desired. My strategy, if you can even call it that, was to just be a pussy and let the girl make a move on me. I wasn’t a player in the game I was simply a minor character in my own book waiting for the protagonist to interact with me.

So now I have the events that are driving me to do this I need to ask myself the following:

  • What’s going to get me off my ass and out in the field?
  • What’s going to keep that passion and fire ignited when all I do is get rejections?
  • What will keep me going when it’s just me out there by myself?


I’m mad that for 35 years I lived a passive life like I have! I sat idle and settled for what was average at best. I accepted and led my life in fear of my own absurd creation that was not based on real life actual facts that happened or would ever happen. I’ve let this unfounded fear control my actions and I’m not going to let myself do that anymore.

The life I want to live is within my grasp to achieve. Anything worth having is not easy to attain. There will always be setbacks and soul crushing defeats and I’ve accepted it as part of the process. This is about me developing the heart, determination, and purpose to live a life of my own creation.

My end goal isn’t about getting that one special girl. It’s about my development as a person that can go out there and achieve the dreams I set out to do.



Closed the grocery store girl last night. I’m not really sure if I’m using a ton of game on her. It feels like it’s more be a cool guy, don’t be needy, and have things going on in your life. Last night I even felt off and unsocial since I didn’t sleep very well the night before and was just really tired. The conversation wasn’t the best I could have given but I think at this point it’s all comfort. We are just two people getting to know each other and seeing if we can just relax and let each other know what we are all about.

She still says that she can’t figure me out. That when I say things she’s wondering if I’m being calculated and trying to stay 4 steps ahead. I should have asked her to clarify on that.

The T Train

CHOO CHOO motherfucker!

I’ve been on the fence about getting TRT but after listening to the Podcast on Danger and Play I went to a anti-aging doctor and said hook me up. I’m 38 by the way.

Prior to this decision last year(1/13) I decided to have my  bloodwork done by my urologist.

Test Serum
372 – 348-1197 range.

He said I wasn’t low enough to prescribe. Fuck him.

So for the few months I cleaned up my diet. No grains. Slept better, got a vegetable juicer and drank that stuff 1-2x a day. I was still drinking at this time as well though.

My next blood check was 4/13

Total Serum:  522         range of 348 – 1197
Free T:             13.1         range of 8.7 – 25.1

My T was still low but I thought my diet was to blame since I got it to jump this high from 3 months ago. I figured if I dial in my eating and working out even harder I’d blast up to 700.

Starting 7/13 I cut out all drinking, staying up late, any type of drugs. My body fat was around 18% and I dropped it down to maybe 12%. For strength I did Olympic lifting 4-5x a week. At 5’5″ and 160 lbs I was squatting 355, dead lifting 440, Snatch 192, Clean and Jerk 235. For conditioning I did CrossFit workouts 3x a week.  My eating awas still fairly clean (Paleo). I’d have cheat meal 1x a week but nothing outrageous.

Retested on 2/14 at 12pm. So this is this 6+ months of this type of living.
Free T – 485 out of 348 – 1197
Estradiol – 6.7 out of 7.6 – 42.6
IGF-1 116 out of 124-181

So after all that clean living my T actually went down. I listened to the podcast and said fuck it. Let’s ride the T-Train and I’m so glad I did.

As of writing this I’ve only been on testosterone now for a week. What I’ve noticed is that my focus and clarity is much better. I always wondered what they meant by brain fog. Now I have an understanding. It’s like a constant hang over without the pounding headache. Everything is just hazy and muted.

My chronic irritability with little things has subsided by at least 50%. Tiny things that would set me off and have me screaming what the fuck don’t bother me as much anymore.

The hard-ons I’ve been having in the morning are unreal. It’s like a steel fucking post. I’ve woken up the past two days feeling alive. Usually I’m really tired and lethargic. Today for instance I woke up in bed at 5:45 am with a huge solid boner and an absolute feeling of wanting to dominate this fucking day. I seriously haven’t woken up feeling like this for years. It would usually take me about 3 cups of coffee and a great night sleep to feel like how I did this morning.

I’m so excited to see what life is going to be like in a few weeks or months! For you guys sitting on the fence about it you need to run to a doc and get on this stuff. I can’t believe I let years go by where I felt like crap. It’s a whole new ball game and shit is about to get real now.

My TRT regiment is as follows:

Tues/Fri I inject 100mg of test.

Estrogen started pretty low so we are going to see where it goes in a month and then prescribe some Arimidex if needs be.

499 initial consultation
Includes bloodwork, physical, and consultation. He spent 1 hour with me going over how he likes to treat his patients with low T.

Each follow up consultation will be 299. This includes blood work. After I’m dialed in I’ll probably only need to see him 1-2x a year at 299 a visit which includes blood work as well. My T prescription is 40$(with a coupon otherwise it’s 100) every two months. If I run HCG it’s 90$ every 3 months. Don’t know the cost of Arimidex since I haven’t started using it.

Things are going well on the girl front. Got a +1 the other week but I wasn’t super excited about her. At best it was like any other day. I didn’t feel fulfilled nor accomplished. Her attitude was annoying and typical of an American girl. I invited her over to dinner at my house and while I was clearing some dishes she actually got a phone call that she took. I really wanted nothing to do with her except get the fuck.

I’ve gone out a few times with this girl from OKCupid. She’s not bad but she is a bit shy. Also what bothers me is on both occasions we went out she never once tried/pretended to want to pay for anything. Now both dates I picked things that I don’t mind paying for. I do think she’s expecting a free ride from me though. That every time we go out I’m must going to pay and I’m not. Not sure how to handle future interactions with her. Should I just tell her I enjoy going out with you, I don’t expect you to pay for me, but I do expect you to be able to pay your own way?

The girl that I met at the grocery store a few weeks ago is going well. I’ve gone out with her twice now. Probably one of the better looking girls I’ve gone out with in a while but she still has a few issues that I don’t like… Age and kids. Absolutely doesn’t look her age, I thought she was 30.

While trying to get her out on a date I got a huge amount of shit tests. She wanted to know what my intentions were, if I was some creeper, or if I was some huge player. Surprisingly I didn’t know they were shit tests when she asked them but I just casually swatted them all done.

When she asked me what my intentions were, if I’m just looking for sex, do I want a commitment…

“Relax… put away your excel spreadsheet this isn’t an interview. This is supposed to be two people getting to know each other and having fun. ”

Her: Oh my god your right. Am I being totally neurotic!?!?!


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Last Saturday I was able to get in about 12 approaches. Of those 12, the only number I got was from a girl inside a grocery store.

Through out the interaction I noticed I would tease her about things that she wasn’t and I could tell she was shocked, in a good way. As Heartiste says… pussy tingles are created in the defensive crouch.

She was a yes girl from the get go but she did give me a shit test at the end.

“Do you do this to all the girls?”

Me – Just the cute ones

“Hahaha… you’re very confident”